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The following testimonies are based on actual feedbacks but the name of the consumers were concealed in order to protect their respective privacy unless they tell you personally.

Testimony 1

After I have taken Bio-Zen Life for 2 weeks I noticed that there was less hairs drops when I shampooing my hairs, I became more alert, not easily tired, less pimples on my face, and more energetic. I also noticed that when I took two soft gels when I have my menstrual pain, the said pain disappeared after two hours.

Ms T, lady age 28

Testimony 2

I did have sleeping problem for many years however after taking Bio-Zen Life for about 3 weeks the problem disappeared ! My skin condition also improved. I also become more alert. I also noticed that my finger nails are thicker and they grow at a faster rate compared to the time before I consumed Bio-Zen Life.
It is a wonderful health supplement and it can diagnose what the doctor cannot diagnose.

Mr. M

Testimony 3

I have host of health problems however after taking Bio-Zen Life they all disappeared. I have better appetite, I sleep better, I have less hair drops, I have better strength and stamina when walking up to my office located at 4th floor of the building not like before when I had to stop half way for break before I continued my way up, I also become less prone to sickness, my cholesterol level has dropped, less dizziness, less pimples, there is improvement in my diabetes condition and better energy. There was also no more tingling.
It is worth to mention that I am a heavy smoker and as a result I lost my taste buds. I didn’t know the taste of food whether salty , sweet or otherwise when I cooked my food for my child but now my taste buds had been rejunevated. I am indeed very happy to thank Bio-Zen Life !

It is also worthwhile to mention that when I first took Bio-Zen Life, I felt the pain at my ankle, which I thought had gone away for good, resurfaced however this disappeared after I continued with the consumption of Bio-Zen Life. My ankle pain was due to the fact that when I drove my car I used to wear high heel shoes.
when I first took Bio-Zen Life I noticed that there was pain on my thigh, at first I thought I must have knocked into some thing before that however on recollection there was none! But after pondering for awhile I began to realise that it was the same spot that I knocked into some hard object months ago but I thought had recovered as there was no more pain. This pain also disappeared after I continued with Bio-Zen Life.

I used to have constipation but it is also gone now. I also used to have menstrual pain but it is also gone now.

I used to have chronic and sever joint pain. In the past I always have to do some exercise before I stepped on the floor otherwise there would be excruciating pain on both of my legs. I didn’t notice it had gone. One day I woke up late and I was late in sending my child to school. I immediately dressed up and sent my child to school however when I returned home I just felt I had missed something in the morning then I realised that I didn’t do the usual exercise and the usual pain was no longer there!

After I have taken Bio-Zen Life, I also noticed that my hypo-thyroid problem is under control.

Another incident is also worth mentioning is that one day I noticed that when I urinated I felt there was pain and I therefore made an appointment with doctor however as I was busy , I didn’t turn up for checking. On the advice of Bio-Zen Sdn. Bhd. I drank more water and to my surprise I had discharged stones that block the urinary track that was the cause of the pain.

I also sleep better than before. Thanks for the health supplement Bio-Zen Life!

Ms Ann age 48

Testimony 4

I am a young guy operating a restaurant/café. I have no health problems except my joint pain at leg which I could not find any medicine but have to endure with it as part and parcel of my life. I was first introduced to Bio-Zen Life. I took it and my pain was gone after 10 days.


Testimony 5

I am a career lady. I have vision problem. My vision was blurred and this was due to long hours usage of computer for the past few years. I had consulted doctors and optician but unsuccessful. I was introduced to Bio-Zen Life and I took it for about 7 days and I noticed that my vision had been fully recovered and now I have normal eye-sight.


Testimony 6

I have a son who is suffering from epilepsy. He has twice seizure a week and for a long duration. My son was on medication but the problem still persist. My friend introduced Bio-Zen Life to me and I asked my son to consume it.

To my surprise the seizure has been cut down to one and for short duration. I told my doctor about it and he encouraged my son to continue with Bio-Zen Life.

Mr. Yap KL

Testimony 7

Am well into the 3rd bottle of Bio-Zen. 43 yrs ago I tore a major pelvic bone joint ligament. Never really cured but ultra sound treatment used to ease pain. Half year ago the injury acted up as a result of a bit more golf. Up to now and in spite of over 2 bottles plus of Bio-Zen, ultra sound, electric n ice treatment, the improvement has been v. marginal. However my 3 yr old asthma seems to have retreated, if not disappeared. My lungs feel clear completely despite my not using my Symbicort inhaler for over a week. That’s my rpt for the moment.

13 August 2009
I have been off my symbort inhaler for couple of weeks now and still have kept asthma at bay.
My saliva is no longer viscous and stringey and my wife noticed that I don’t cough anymore. I also no longer used glucosamide for my joint pain.

21 August 2009 From T

Testimony 8

In the past I could not stand for long time and the most was 15 minutes but after I had consumed 2 bottles of Bio-Zen Life my problem had been effectively eliminated and now I can walk up the stair case without much difficulty bearing in mind I am now in the 60s.

Mr. Teo

Testimony 9

I am a martial art instructor. About twenty over years ago while having sparing with my friend I was injured at the back and as a result there was a growth at the back. It was with me for twenty over years however after I had consumed 2 bottles of Bio-Zen Life I felt as if there were ants crawling on the surface of my skin sometime at hand and sometime at my lower limb but I still continued with the health supplement until one day I noticed that the growth was reduced in size!

Mr Tee

Testimony 10

I had injured my wrist and forehand years ago. Every now and then I suffered sharp pain though I had tried many medicine but I was not able to get rid off until one day my friend introduced me to Bio-Zen Life. I took it. After the 5th day, I felt as if there were ants moving around at my forehand and arm and after 2 bottles of Bio-Zen Life my pain had completely gone.

Miss Ng

Testimony 11

I am a retired teacher. In January 2009 there was a growth at my back. I went to General Hospital to examination. The doctor did not know what growth or tumor that was but advised me to remove it through minor surgery. I agreed and scheduled to be operated about 3 weeks time. During this period my friend suggested to me that I should try Bio-Zen Life and who knew it might be a remedy for my growth or tumor. I bought a bottle and after consuming for 14 days the growth or tumor at my back disappeared. My wife is a retired staff nurse. She did not believe in nutrition and advised me to go for operation. I went but the doctor found nothing and stitched back the incision. I had more confidence in Bio-Zen Life.

On another occasion while plugging mangoes at my house, suddenly one mango fell down and hit directly at my nose and my nose started to bleed non stop. I was admitted to private hospital and was told by the doctor that he had to operate my nose and the cost was about RM4,000-00 with no guarantee that it would heal. I then thought of Bio-Zen Life and immediately I bought one. What a surprise my bleeding stopped and until to-date there is no problem with my nose.

Mr. L

Testimony 12

My brother's driver did not sleep well for more than 10 years because he woke up about 5-6 times every night to urinate. I decided to let him try Bio-Zen Life since bio-Zen Life has the ability to ease our meridian, it also contains variety of vitamins and trace minerals, plant Omega 3, 6, 7 & 9 etc and who knows it may help. After he had consumed for 14 days, his problem has improved remarkably. He now only urinate one or twice during the night.

Mr. M

Testimony 13

I had been tolerating my rheumatism for many years as there was no visible cure. My friends always laughed at me and told me that I was the best meteorological department as I could predict when it was going to rain because my joint pains will come first before the rain! My friend introduced Bio-Zen Life to me but I had no confidence as there was yet to have any medicine to cure rheumatism only pain killer. My husband urged me to try and I took the challenge. After 10 days of consuming Bio-Zen Life my rheumatism did not surface any more and until now I am no longer suffering from rheumatism and I can enjoy my life without the thought of having pains at joints.

Mrs. Khoo

Testimony 14

I am a building contractor. Recently my friend introduced to me Bio-Zen Life. I first took two soft gels at 11.00pm and two hours later I felt the pain at my shoulder. I couldn't sleep so I woke up and walk around then I went into sleep. In the morning at about noon I felt the pain was lessen. Since I knew there was a positive effect I continued with Bio-Zen Life and the following day I found that there pain was no longer there. I was on my way to work and I turned my neck to look at the vehicles at my back suddenly I realised I no longer had stiff shoulder and neck as I now could turn my neck and my back without any restriction or pain. I was unable to turn my back for many years due to the fall I had while working. There was no cure for that though I tried before. I was happy about the recovery as no money can buy such happiness. I no longer suffer from my back pain. I am luck to have a nice encounter with Bio-Zen Life.

Mr. C

Testimony 15

My friend introduced Bio-Zen Life to me. In order to prove the efficacy of Bio-Zen Life as claimed by him I tried it. When I took the soft gel there was no pain at my finger but when I didn't take it the pain resurfaced. I stopped because I suspected it might contain painkiller. When my friend called up to enquire about my progress I told him about my fear. After listening to me, he told me that it was a common phenomenon and told me not to worry about it. He also said that I must had injured my fingers before otherwise there would not be any pain at my fingers when I consumed Bio-Zen Life. I admitted that I had injured my fingers before. He said that the reason for the pain at my fingers was that the meridians were slowly easing up to remove the blockage. He advised me to continue with Bio-Zen Life which I did. After a couple of days there was no more pain at my fingers even though I did not consume Bio-Zen Life.. Bio-Zen Life really works wonder to clear the blockage of meridians.

Mr. Teo

Testimony 16

I have acute knee pain for many years and it became worst month by month. Though I had been taking Glucosamine for many years. I consulted my specialist doctor and he told me that an operation had to be carried out otherwise I would not be able to use my leg. My younger brother knew about my problem and he suggested that I should take health supplement namely Bio-Zen Life ! I used to reject health supplements as nonsense and I also didn't believe the effectiveness of such supplements. They are just gimmick ! I trusted the drugs and the western trained doctors! My brother saw me quite adamant against the usage of Bio-Zen Life and he left 10 soft gel of Bio-Zen Life for me to take. I didn't want to reject his good gesture and I took one soft gel a day and to my surprise after the eight day my knee pain slowly subsided and I had less pain compared before the date I consumed the Bio-Zen Life. I also notice that now I can walk around the shopping mall after a game of golf with my wife which I wont be able to do prior to the consumption of Bio-Zen Life. Now I am taking Bio-Zen Life daily. I not only need not have to undergo surgery and bear the pain but also save me about RM20,000 of the surgery fee !

Mr. Chan

Testimony 17

I read from the internet about Bio-Zen Life. It attracted me as it is made from plant extracts and its effectiveness as stated in the testimonies of the users. It seems to be a wonderful health supplement. I bought a bottle for my son who has since birth contracted eczema. It was heartache to see him scratching here and there all over the body. It would worthwhile to try it as it has no side effect since it was made from plant extract. To my amazement the area of eczema rapidly decrease in size after consumption for 8 days and after two bottles my son's eczema was completely cured. I am the most happy mother in this world as my son had been suffering for 11 years since birth and is now completely cure. He no longer has to suffer.


Testimony 18

I have skin problem but I do not know whether it is eczema. Though I have applied medicine and consulted many doctors but all in vain. I also have high blood pressure hence taking high blood drugs to suppress high blood pressure is therefore a daily affair. By coincidence I encountered Bio-Zen Life. Since it is a health supplement made from plants extracts, I have no hesitation to try it. Why not after it does no harm since it was approved by the Ministry of Health of Malaysia and marketed by professional. After consuming for a bout a week, my skin problem began to dry up for the first time in so many years and I also noticed that my blood pressure started to drop below the average though I am on drugs. I think I should consult my doctor to reduce the dosage of drugs. Bio- Zen Life is indeed a wonderful health supplement.

Mr. Lee

Testimony 19

I have taken health supplement before but produced some side effect hence thereafter I dared not take any health supplement. I came across Bio-Zen Life for a long time but I didnt try it for fear of having some side effects. After observing for some time then I told myself it is worthwhile to try it. I had consumed for 10 days there was no side effect at all but on the contrary I found that my circumference of my arms are reducing which I had tried hard for many years to reduce but unable to do so. I was indeed glad to note that and I also noticed that my skin complexion is much more better than before. I don't feel tire at all . Bio-Zen Life is such a wonderful health supplement, I will continue to consume it in order to find out the beneficial effects of it.


Testimony 20

I have just recovered from dengue fever and my friend introduced Bio-Zen Life to me saying that it may help my lethargic condition based on the feed backs received. I was tired and lethargic so I bought a bottle to try. I took two soft gels a day and on the 6th or 7th day I unexpectedly noticed that the edge of my right inner sole was no longer in pain when I walk or stand alone with my right leg. I had endured this pain for more than a year. Whenever I walked, I could feel the severe pains and hence at times I had to walk in such a way so as to shift the weight of my body to my left leg and thus walked limply to avoid pain. All my doctors friends told me that there was no cure for this pain as it was due to the problem at the ligament. It was a natural effect of aging and almost everyone has it and the only way one can help to reduce the pain was by injecting steroid otherwise one had to endure the pain. This recovery is an unexpected and wonderful result of consuming Bio-Zen Life and now I can stand upright only with my right leg ! Another unexpected & beneficial result is that my gastric pain has gone ! I used to have daily attacks . When I had my first attack I would try to endure the pain and if there was second attack and I could not bear the pain anymore only then I would take drugs to stop it as I don't want to take drugs everyday for the rest of my life. However after taking Bio-Zen Life, I no longer have such attack. Besides I do not feel lethargic as before.

Mr. T

Testimony 21

My friend told me about the wonders of Bio-Zen Life and that Bio-Zen Life reacts differently in accordance with the needs of a person's body and many excitements are in fact in store awaiting for us to find out and experience it. This should be the case as the blockages of our body meridians system (jing luo) differ from person to person. I bought a bottle just to try. After finishing a bottle of Bio-Zen Life and to my surprise and excitement the black spots at my forehand, arms and face not only faded in colour but in size too. To me as a lady it is the greatest gift I ever received and no money can ever buy that moment of joy. I had suffered the unsightly spots for years but it is all gone now. I thanked my friend for his introduction of Bio-Zen Life to me.


Testimony 22

I came to know Bio-Zen Life through a friend. I was a colon cancer patient. Seven years ago I had undergone chemotherapy to treat the cancer. Though I had fully recovered from cancer but the side effect of this treatment is that black patches or spots started to surface on both side of my cheeks and hands. The desire to have a presentable appearance is the dream of everyone. I tried many methods including cosmetic to remove the black patches but in vain. I was down and also felt lethargic and not able to do thing with light heart. When I was told about the effectiveness of Bio-Zen Life my urge was to try it as I used to consume health supplements before. Second day after taking Bio-Zen Life, I passed a massive motion and this continued to the third day. I felt I was much better, my body much lighter and to my surprise 70% of the black patches on the cheeks and hands disappeared . There was shine on my face and my appearance was much different than before. After consuming for about 10 days all the black patches on my cheeks and hands had totally gone. My face is now bright and not dull as before. I am very happy and wish to thank Bio-Zen Life which help me to rebuild my confidence and let me pick up my life where I lost.

Mrs Lim

Testimony 23

My husband had severe knee problem and this problem had gone for good after consuming Bio-Zen Life and as a result of which. I do have confidence in it. I had undergone chemotherapy too and because of the treatment, black patches appeared on both side of my legs though I tried many treatments but all in vain however after consuming Bio-Zen Life all the black patches had gone away. I am indeed very happy for I can wear short again !

Mrs. Chan

Testimony 24

Whenever I exposed myself to the direct sunlight, blisters would appear on my hands and forearms. I had tried many lotions and medicine before but all in vain. When my friend introduced me to Bio-Zen Life. I took it without hesitation because I have heard of its wonderful and amazing effects. Within the period of five (5) days I could see the effect as blisters no longer surface though I purposely exposed myself to direct sunlight.

I also have stomach problem. Doctors told me that there was wind in the stomach or intestine. I always felt bloated though I ate little and my appetite was thereby affected. I did take medicine but the problem still persist. After taking Bio-Zen Life, for about a week, one day suddenly I felt as if my stomach was vibrating up and down for about few seconds and then followed by a rapid series of farts. This occurred again the following day and thereafter the said wind in my stomach or intestine had gone for good. My appetite is good now. Wonderful isn't it ?

Ms Tan

Testimony 25

I always have difficulty of going into sleep and most of the time I would twist and turn yet still unable to sleep. I also have high blood pressure. My friend introduced me to Bio-Zen Life. I have heard many amazing effects of this Bio-Zen Life. For the first few days after I had taken it, ie one softgel a day, I felt there was pain at the back of my head, I felt very lethargic too and I could not even lift my arms. This continued for a couple of days. My husband told me to stop taking Bio-Zen Life if the pain was unbearable. I have faith in the product and I continued to take it for about a week then out of sudden all the pains complained of had all gone and now I could sleep well and I am more alert than before. I don't feel tire easily.

My husband also takes Bio-Zen Life. He had a fall before. He had pain at the knee too. After taking Bio-Zen Life. His knee pains all had gone for good. Before that whenever he walked up the staircase, his knee would produce some cracking sound but after taking Bio-Zen Life, the sound too had gone for good.

Ms Gan

Testimony 26

My son at the age of 1 year old was vaccinated with vaccine however he developed high fever on the day itself and the high fever subsided after a few days. Since that incident, my son behaved differently. He didn't respond to our calls. We thought his ears got problem and we sent him to ENT specialists for medical checkup however they could not find anything wrong with his ears. After about three years later, we were told by specialist that he contacted autism syndrome which according to doctors and specialists, there was no cure for this but we did not give up hope. We had been sending him ups and downs to see specialists and moving from town to town to find special schools and other specialists but all in vain. Finally we came to this Malacca town. One day I noticed that my friend was taking Bio-Zen Life. I asked her about this health supplement. She told me that it was a natural health supplement and worked wonder much to our surprise. She then arranged for a meeting for me to meet the person in charge and after having listened to his explanation on the product from scientific, nutritional and Chinese meridian theory view points, I was more convinced. I took some literature back to study. A few days later I bought two bottles because I thought the natural health supplement may help my son. I gave him one softgel per day. After a few days, I noticed that there were some changes in my son's behaviour. He made initiative to talk to me, he shared his food with his siblings and parents which were not seen by us before in the past 14 years! He is now 15 years old! A few days later, while we were listening to the Christmas songs, he suddenly sang Chinese New Year songs. All of us were caught by such a big and pleasant surprise. We joined in and sang together with him. I almost cried loudly with joy after a lapse of 14 years to see and hear him sang ! It was most memorable event! We continued with the health supplement. Now we noticed that his temper is very much better, he did not throw his tantrum, he could recall words and pictures he had seen before including cartoon film. His memory is improving day by day. What a lovely health supplement it is. It gives joy and happiness to our family!


Testimony 27

I practise martial art and in the course of exercise, I injured my left shoulder and it took me a few months to recover from the pain and injury. I also had the habit of keeping my wallet at the back pocket of my left trousers but after some time, pains radiated from the back of my waist and buttock and I thought I would be able to relief the pains if I were to put the wallet at the right back pocket. This action however aggravate the injury and the pains became more severe. I look for a good Chinese practitioner to massage my body but I failed to get one. It so happened that I dropped into the office of my friend who had one year ago introduced Bio-Zen Life to me and I just listened as I don't think Bio-Zen Life is that wonderful though I had read the brochure of Bio-Zen Life. When my friend knew the condition of my injury, he again asked me to try Bio-Zen Life but I still don't believe its effectiveness and I took it as mere sales gimmick. My friend sensed the sigh of distrust but nevertheless gave two softegels of the Bio-Zen Life to me to try. I took it immediately. My friend told me that the old injury at the left shoulder would surface again. I thought it was a joke how could that be especially when I had fully recovered from the injury for months! In any event I finally bought a bottle of Bio-Zen Life as for trial.

At about mid-night, pains began to surface at the left shoulder and more severe pain at the back. I began to believe what my friend told me. The following day I felt very severe pain at my left shoulder and at my back of my waist. I could not even turn my body! Despite the pains, I took four soft gels a day as advised and the pains continued to the third and fourth day. On the fifth day the pain became lessen. I began to have confidence in Bio-Zen Life. If not for the information and warning given by my friend earlier I would have stopped the consumption of Bio-Zen Life and sought the medical treatment immediately! Luckily I didn't. The pains at my left shoulder and at my back were completely gone after 14 days. Had I sought the treatment from Chinese practitioner or western doctor, I think the pains will continue for at least a month as in the past. With each day of consumption of Bio-Zen Life, I felt there are improvements in my body system as the day goes by.

My skin is dry and in the past I used to buy good quality olive oil to apply on the skin. This olive oil when applied on the skin was not so oily and it helped to keep my skin texture smooth and supple. However after consuming Bio-Zen Life, I noticed that my skin is no longer dry. My skin texture also improved very much. Bio-Zen Life is really wonderful.

My wife too is taking Bio-Zen Life. She suffered pains at the sole of her feet when she stepped on the floor every morning. She suffered for years yet there was no medical cure for this. Her left big toe has no feeling at all when touch. This also has been going on for many years. It was not numb and if it was numb at least you had the feeling of being touch. In her case there was no feeling at all when touch. However these were all gone after about 1 ? months from the date of her first taking Bio-Zen Life though not as fast as in my case. These showed that different person react differently to Bio-Zen Life and the speed and duration to see its effectiveness. It all depends on individual. My advice was to keep on taking for at least 3 months you will definitely see the changes if your body system react slowly. Listen to your body and you will see the changes.

My youngest daughter who had been suffering a bout of flu and cough for more than 6 month though in between she had sought medical treatments but failed to cure. When she noticed that I took Bio-Zen Life she wanted to take so I gave her two softgel. To my amazement she had recovered from her flu and cough the very next day.

Mr. Alan

Testimony 28

I have problem with my pancreas and as a result I used to have pain either at the region of my abdomen and at my back. I had consulted specialist on this. He prescribed drugs for me to take. When I took the drugs, the pains disappeared and according to the specialist that I have to take the drugs for life which I didn't want to as drugs always have side effect unless I have no choice. My friend gave me two bottles of Bio-Zen Life to try and also warned me that if I have problem in my system then pain will radiate from that location. True to his words, after taking Bio-Zen Life for 3 days, I had pain at the abdomen and at the back. I continued with the supplement however two days later the pains have all gone. Now I need not take drugs anymore. I also wish to add that I used to have gastric problem after meal with alcoholic drink. I used to vomit though not serious. However after taking Bio-Zen Life all these have gone! What a wonderful health supplement and it is worthwhile to recommend to friend to take.

Mr. Eric

Testimony 29

I had been suffering pains from my left wrist and left shoulder for many years and there seemed to be no cure at all. My friend introduced Bio-Zen Life to me. After taking Bio-Zen Life for about 3 days my writ became more painful. I knew it was a positive response so I continued with it. After a few days all my pains including the shoulder pain had gone for good. Previously I used to pass motion once in every two or three days however ever since I had taken Bio-Zen Life, I now pass motion every day.

My father injured his foot and as a result his sole was inflamed and puss was formed. He went for operation thrice but the pain still existed at his sole. After he had taken Bio-Zen Life for 3 days, he felt itchiness at the same spot of his sole and later puss was formed. He broke open the puss and cleaned it. My father said it was strange that puss was formed after taking the Bio-Zen Life and now he does not feel any pain at all at the sole. May be Bio-Zen Life expelled the puss from within the sole which formerly was unable to do so based on surgery. Bio-Zen Life is indeed wonderful.