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Our product- Bio-Zen Life

The root cause of many nowadays diseases are either unknown or even if it is known but there is no effective remedy at sight. It is therefore in the best interest of all of us to turn to the alternative medicine or nutraceutical medicine for treatment. No one can deny the fact that plant's nutrients do have beneficial effects to our health and it is well known fact that Scurvy can be treated with vitamin C, Beri-beri can be treated with vitamin B1 or Thiamine and spina bifida can be prevented by consuming enough of folic acid!

Bio-Zen Life contains Seabuckthorn oil which traditionally is used for building and improving our body defense system, treating healing wounds, cancer, ulcer, prevention against radiation etc and research into the benefits and wonderful of seabuckthorn has been widely and extensively done by many researchers around the world. Though Seabuckthorn had been used for thousand of years ago by Mongolian and Chinese but medical research into Seabuckthorn oil only began in the 19th century !

Seabuckthorn oil alone will not be good enough to enhance our immunity system and reduce free radicals. Antioxidants and nutrients always work in synergy with one and another so as to give the effective and remarkable result. Bio-Zen Life contains marigold flower extract, grape seed extract etc to provide the best synergy for health enhancement as this can be seen from the feedbacks sent to us or related to us by our consumers ! As the saying goes the proof of pudding is in the eating !

Traditional Chinese medicine talks about balancing and harmonizing our body energy system. Thus by applying this theory of balancing the positive and negative energy (yin and yang) within our body system to ease any blockage of Jin Luo (namely it is a Meridian in our body along which the acupuncture points are located and according to Chinese theory pain will radiate from the blocked location when such blockages are in the process of being removed, particularly when there was previous injury) and further by applying the modern medical and scientific theories in treating chronic degenerative diseases we are able to formulate our product Bio-Zen Life in line with the latest researches, which from our consumers' feedbacks, our product is not only wonderful but has many beneficial effects. The joy of discovering the wonder of Bio-Zen Life is never ending !

Bio-Zen Life's ingredients are rich in various type of anti-oxidants, Omega 3,7,9, trace minerals, vitamins, grape seed extracts, wolfberry oil, marigold flower extract, buckwheat extract etc. These ingredients are good for enhancing our immunity system, removal of free radicals besides replenishing the depleting essential nutrients in our bodies.

From scientific and medical researches it is evident that at least 200 chronic degenerative diseases such as cancer, parkinson disease, Alzhemier's diseases, asthma, joint pain, heart diseases, rheumatism, aging, cataracts, ARMD etc are caused by free radicals besides those caused by lack of essential nutrients.

We have taken a new route to bring back health and breathe life into our daily life. Let us share your joys since our approach is totally different from the norm.

Note: Bio-Zen Life has been approved by the Ministry of Health of Malaysia under the category of Traditional Medicine and it is also certified Halal as lawful for Muslim consumption.

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