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Our Philosophy

It is well accepted that sickness has, as time goes by, become more prevalent and proliferate. New strains of diseases, viruses or bacteria are popping out every now and then due to indiscriminate use of drugs. Western medicine in the course of attempting to cure such diseases has in fact killed good and healthy cells and at the same time provided grounds for more drugs-resistant virus or disease to surface. Drugs and radiation will also at times cause oxidative stress to our cells thereby weakening our body defence system. Though Homeopathy medicine has entered into the arena but it does not attract much interest. Traditional medicine such as Chinese herbs have been used for more than five thousand years but it usually confines to Chinese community though of late it has aroused the interest of many other communities. Chinese not only use herbs in treating sickness but also preventing particularly in the form of soup or tea in their daily life. The first Chinese Medical text entitled “Huang Di Nei Jing” stated “Superior doctors treat future likely disease, Mediocre doctors treat imminent disease, Inferior doctors treat existing disease”. It seems therefore prevention is the best policy as advocated by the Chinese practitioners. Plants usually contain many beneficial nutrients and trace minerals and thus what are in fact contained in the Chinese herbs are host of nutrients and trace minerals which are beneficial to our body as these nutrients and trace minerals are depleting day by day as we aged without being replenished or without us being realized.

It is also noted that beneficial nutrients and trace minerals as contained in plants are of minute quantity hence one may have to consume Chinese herbs or vegetable or fruits for a long period of time before one can see the effectiveness of such nutrients and at the same time to compete with the rate of depleting nutrients however it is not practical to do so especially with our current life style and it is for this reason why many people turn to drugs for immediate recovery but they have overlooked the fact that drugs suppress illness not cure. It is our body system that heals us! We must assist our body in order to help ourselves.

Mother of nature always bestows upon us gifts of nature since immemorial time and many of the nowadays drugs are synthesized based on the molecular structure of such gifts. We always ask ourselves why don't we go back to nature for prevention and cure ? Our Zen is the philosophy of living in harmony with nature and be part of it. Hence evolves the philosophy of our products which is back to nature, live with nature and be part of it. In line with our philosophy our products are therefore naturally made from plant extracts or enzymes or probiotics. It has been stated by many researchers that the best supplements come from plants and not those synthetics which are made from chemicals or products of petroleum as the same are inorganic and not bioavailable and sometime may be toxic to our bodies rather than beneficial to our health!

Our vision is to utilize the plants' nutrients and trace minerals in the form of extracts particularly antioxidants so as to give maximum and speedy effect within a short period of time thereby improving our body immunity system and reducing the amount of free radicals in our body towards the goal of achieving the objective of prevention and cure.

Thus our mission is to explore and formulate the right ingredients in the right proportions and in the right process to bring to you the right products for general health particularly in reducing free radicals in our bodies and strengthening our immunity system. With the reduction of free radicals and improved immunity system, our life should be good and living would be more meaningful. Hence Life is Evergreen with Bio-Zen shall be our motto as we strive hard to bring good health with our products ! It is not too late in life to consume our product ! Who knows it may add extra mileage to your life !